Evelina Bledans said offenders

Эвелина Бледанс ответила обидчикам

Career Evelina Bledans happened mostly thanks to her incredible figure. Short robe nurse from “Masks-show” has made the actress one of the most desired women in the post-Soviet time. But since then, nothing has changed! In his 47 years Evelyn looks almost as early in his career, which is to annoy her peers, which can not boast the same parameters.

Of course, for the beautiful appearance blends the great work she does on myself constantly.

“I do swimming, yoga, aerobics, strength training,” — said not so long ago the star.

But critics still remain dissatisfied with Evelyn, calling her too outspoken and provocative for their age.

Then Blends found something to say of envious and at his page on the social network wrote: “I Want to upset my few slophouse subscribers, accusing me in actions not age, namely photo in swimsuits, shorts and as they say “the scoring of the thighs”. I’m going to do it until I want to, I feel like desirable woman and 90% of others approve of this behavior. Believe it will not end soon, and what you wish for!”

And you think, appropriate if such a demonstration of your body when your age is nearing 50?