Эвелина Бледанс зажгла на яхте с мускулистым красавцем Telediva off after a divorce in the society of a young gentleman. Evelina Bledans became more relaxed next to a young man who is incredibly handsome. Star excited fans of hot photos taken during boat trips.

TV presenter and actress Evelina Bledans quite often spoil the subscribers of his microblog bold images. 48-year-old star has a sumptuous forms and is not shy to show them, invariably causing admiration and receiving compliments from loyal fans.

However, the recent photo shoot of Evelina Bledans has surpassed all expectations. A celebrity, just a couple of weeks ago announced a divorce from her husband, got free in the arms of young gentleman. The camera captured some beautiful but fairly intimate shots during the sea trips on the yacht. Evelina Bledans and the man who, apparently, twenty years younger than her, behave quite frankly – they embrace and clearly enjoy communicating with each other.

“May, of course, possible to do without the man’s shoulder. And whether has value volume. I think”, – has signed one of the pictures of Evelina Bledans, which probably sealed the muscular hunk.

Well then Bledans showed what happened on the yacht. It is obvious that the star took part in a photo shoot, and her arms with the young Chevalier – it’s just a game a beautiful woman who has something to show. Exactly has responded to a series of pictures of Evelina Bledans her loyal fans. No one thought to suggest that has recently left her husband telediva, new novel.

“Evelina, you are done! Yes, it is clear that this is just a photoshoot, but beautiful! She pleased you, and this is important. And next to a gorgeous woman should be a worthy man. It was nice to see”, “Everyone would be so in 48 years to look. Superclassico!”, “Great! Figure – mortality. Male body is what you need. Photoshoot credits” – admired followers of Evelina Bledans.

Recall that Evelina Bledans divorced spouse Alexander Semin, became known in mid-September. Evelina Bledans divorced

The woman terminated the relationship with the lover about a year ago, but long concealed the change of its status from the public. Despite the breakup, Evelina and Alexander maintained a friendly relationship. Until they are told that is no longer together, his son Simeon. For the baby, nothing has changed – he still spends a lot of time with mom and dad.