Evelina Bledans justified for non-ideal Boobs

Эвелина Бледанс оправдалась за неидеальную грудь Because of the bust of the actress has ignited a heated controversy. Evelina Bledans not shy about their form, despite criticism. She recalls the bungling papistical that breast fed two children.

      Evelina Bledans does not hide his age and has no inferiority complex because of appearance. 47-year-old actress looks gorgeous. Star often publishes explicit pictures with his microblog. She is now with her son Sam has a rest in Thailand. Here Evelyn celebrated her birthday. Because this exotic country is very hot, Bledans minimum of clothing.

      In a new published video, the star performs the song Mitya Fomin, and in the background plays Sam. However, the attention of podpiski in the video chained completely different detail – breast of Evelina. Many of them showed true tact, allowing you to comment and even to criticize the form Bledans.

      It is worth noting that the star has behaved in this situation with dignity. She was not rude to the commenters in response and ridicule. “My lovely, let us digress from the discussion of my imperfect Breasts, vykhrivka two patsanchika. I have said many times that against the silicone, and wear what you have. And two strong guys on breastfeeding for me is much more important. And I think #sastrawinata will be much more than #supragold. Although… maybe Someone lucky, and with this,” wrote Bledans.

      Video published Evelina Bledans (@bledans) APR 2016 6 in 4:18 PDT

      By the way, the actress does not hide that has been making considerable efforts to look good. So, to the eighth of March, the artist decided to treat yourself to a rejuvenating cosmetic procedure. However, for the facelift, Evelina does not have to go under the surgeon’s knife.

      “I always thought that a facelift is an operation with a scalpel, General anesthesia, bruising, and scars. And thinking about it was scary. My energetic beautician suggested me popular in Europe, non-surgical facelift, the effect of which persists for three years,” said Bledans about the new product your subscribers.

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