Эвелина Блёданс страдает от бессонницы
The impact of the stresses that you have experienced recently, the actress.

Evelina Bledans

The actress complains that can not sleep at night. “You passed out in the
22.00, woke up at 3.00. What is this?! And
how to get yourself to Dospat?” — shared Evelina Bledans. One of the reasons for insomnia
can be acclimatization, because the star recently returned to snow-covered Moscow
from Thailand, where she spent vacation. In order not to fall into depression, Evelina satisfied
at night shocking photo shoots, especially provoking discussions in social networks. This
by the way, the actress is trying to distract and hide his true condition, because insomnia
speaks about the emotional strain.

It is likely to stress that Evelyn survived at the end of last year. Her youngest son Simon injured his foot, the recovery period was difficult. The trip to Thailand was, in particular, rehabilitation for the boy. The resort Semyon was done by professionals and helped him to develop damaged joints.

But the most serious emotional shake-up for the star became
her appearance in the life of a mother (father) sister Diana Bledans, living in Yalta. To
their first public meeting on the program “Secret of a million” little cousin
communicated. Evelyn gladly accepted his sister and his niece in his house. But
then, when it became clear that Diane is terminally ill (she had liver cirrhosis),
the actress began to blame the fact that she’s wasting his life on partying instead
in order to save a loved one.

In the air a regular talk show on NTV, when it became clear that for
treatment of Diana needed 2 million rubles, Evelyn could not resist, she
became hysterical. She admitted she can’t help her because they
husband pay a loan for your vacation home, treat sick son, and all their
glamorous life on the outside is only an appearance.

However, before going to Thailand Bledans found
meds, handed them over personally to Diana in Yalta. And then departed with his youngest son in
warmer climes. Evelina was held at the resort’s detox program detox and
studied with the best teachers of yoga, to get rid of experienced
stress. Far from Moscow, near the sea, the anxiety disappeared. But, returning
home Bledans began to suffer from insomnia. And it is possible that she will need
the assistance of a psychologist.