Evelina Bledans is looking for money to treat sister

Эвелина Бледанс ищет деньги на лечение сестры The artist started collecting funds for the treatment of a relative. Evelina announced this decision in his microblog. The star also thanked fans for any reaction that followed news about the deadly disease of Diana.

      The night before a wide resonance in the social networks called story involving Evelina Bledans. In the program “Talk show” has appeared the sister of actress Diana that a few years of struggling with a serious disease. Women cirrhosis of the liver, although it does not abuse alcohol. According to her, this disease is a consequence of hepatitis.

      Diana has a daughter Danielle. For the sake of the heiress, a woman took him in hand and began to fight with the disease. Sister Bledans admits that he was afraid to die.

      In the broadcast of Evelina said that financial support from the sister, which caused anger from many viewers and users of the Network. To reduce confusion, the artist decided to leave a post on his microblog, in which he announced the collection of funds for Diana’s treatment. The star said that today is her cousin’s birthday.

      “I can’t move away from yesterday’s debate suddenly appeared in my life sister Diane with a deadly disease. I’ve read from you different advice, for which many thanks to all. The main thing for which you condemn me, calling the very evil that I do not want to organize a fundraiser for the life of the sisters. And many sincerely wanted to help. And, despite the fact that probably, as suggested in the Studio, now you will hear: “You’re a star, you pay,” write an account to collect money,” said Evelyn.

      According to Bledans, indicating the card details, during the day you can Deposit money to the account of Diana. “I have no spare million, I can’t promise that will help. Now they came to visit. But I also have debts, credits, I’m not going to lie, that will begin to help,” said Evelyn, on the eve of the telecast. The post stars, many have noticed a mistake: the data of the account holder does not match the name of the sister of the artist.

      Presumably, the star needs a lot of money to raise her son Semyon, who was born with down syndrome. Evelyn and her husband Alexander have made significant progress in the development of the boy. Says Bledans, they showed by example that such an diagnosis of the child is not a sentence. The artist also tries to help other parents who are faced with such problems.