Эвелина Бледанс: «У меня вымогают деньги!» Page actress the social network was hacked. Evelina Bledans is doing everything to restore his blog. The artist believes that justice will prevail and she will be able to delight fans of the publications.

      Эвелина Бледанс: «У меня вымогают деньги!»

      For the life of the popular actress Evelina Bledans watching a few hundred thousand subscribers in social networks. The artist regularly shares with devoted fans of bright moments, and also demonstrates progress and funny situations that occurred with her family. This morning, however, Evelyn hastened to make another article in the microblog. Almost immediately pochli access to mistress account was blocked. Attackers not only changed the password, but also began to extort celebrity money.

      “I came to mail a letter that my account was hacked. Now unknown who demand money in exchange for access to my own page. They are blackmailing me, threatening to destroy all my publications,” – said “StarHit” Evelina.

      Bledans very upset about the situation. For several hours she is trying to restore justice. She requested to resolve the situation to the representatives of the developers of the social network “Instagram”. But so far no visible results she has achieved. However, the actress hopes that the attackers will be punished.

      “I do not wish anyone harm. But I know that God will judge all and punish. I forgive those people which drank from me as much blood. I am very upset, even cried today. I hope that people will not raise a hand to remove everything that is posted on my page for three years – there are pictures of my son, his success,” shared reflections Bledans.

      The actress believes that it will be able to regain access to your account and not give into the hands of criminals any money. Now the criminals do on the page celebrity rather strange publication. So, in the afternoon there was an inscription “Hacking” in white letters on a black background, a signature touting the account is involved in illegal penetration into someone else’s e-mail and microblogging. However, this picture appears in the film, Evelyn, then disappears, deceiving fans of the actress who thrilled unexpected publications of the stars.

      Bledans became the first celebrity, whose social network account suffered from hands of swindlers. Not so long ago Ksenia Borodina got attacked by hackers. Unknown deleted personal page to the presenter. Xenia knew who could cause her so much discomfort. However, after some time, she still managed to recover a favorite of millions of microblogging with all publications. Ksenia Borodina: “I have not deleted. I was hacked!”

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