Evelina Bledans: “I do Not know until the end why Alex is gone”

Эвелина Бледанс: «Не знаю до конца, почему Саша ушел» The presenter openly talked about the breakup with Alexander Semin. Evelina Bledans remembered the case which, in its opinion, significantly influenced the man. Star turned to the history of inadequate fans, slandered Alexander.
Эвелина Бледанс: «Не знаю до конца, почему Саша ушел»

In September, Evelina Bledans told that he had broken up with her husband Alexander Semin. The news caused a stir among the fans of the couple. In the Network there were even rumors that the cause of the quarrel between the couple was raising a son Semyon, who was diagnosed with down syndrome. Evelina and Alexander denied such speculation. They continue to care for the child and doing everything for the sake of it of anything not needed.

Husband Bledans about divorce: “there always stood another man”

In the program “the Destiny of man” known TV presenter told about the true reasons for parting with her husband. According to Evelyn, Alexander could greatly influence the incident two years ago. In September 2015, Semin accused of beating nurse. In turn, the couple announced that Alyona Volkova is a fraud. For a long time she was posing as a representative Evelina, collecting money from people. Volkova turned out to be a fan of Bledans. Alexander stated that Allen suffers from mental and social disorders.

“Everything was going [to divorce] quietly. It all started with the trouble, don’t want to sound detail. Then one of my crazy fan has done bad deeds and decided to draw attention to themselves by slandering my husband. She posted online pictures of his bloodied head wound and wrote that my husband was beaten by a babysitter. The next morning, all the media wrote about it. In the evening had received information that the babysitter died. For him it was a big hit. Then I realized what happened here is the breakdown, the anguish that he does not want to participate in public life…” he told the star.
Эвелина Бледанс: «Не знаю до конца, почему Саша ушел»

Later it turned out that Alena is alive and well. The girl confessed that he had slandered Semin and publicly apologized to him. “I forgive you, but know that next time will not be forgiveness,” then Alexander turned to the girl.

Husband of Evelina Bledans accused of beating baby sitting

After this incident in the microblog Bledans became less joint photographs with the spouse. The incident with the groupie Evelyn called the “tip of the iceberg.” The woman said that she brought spouse with people like that. The man is very hard given the publicity and negative remarks about Seeds for him was like a stab to the heart.

Alexander Semin tried to avoid a joint interview with Evelyn on the topic of personal life. However, if a man was invited to talk about his son Simon, he tried to meet the journalists.

Эвелина Бледанс: «Не знаю до конца, почему Саша ушел»“He many times I asked this question and realized that I can’t be without this life. I can’t live without the publicity, without my profession, without television. I can’t live without these candid conversations, this is my karma, my story. It came to Seeds, I always was “Yes,” said the star.

In recognition of Evelina Bledans and her husband talked a lot about their relationship. The presenter hoped to the last that she will manage to save the marriage.

“I thought I was all settle down and settle All these versions of what he left her for another woman, that’s not true, I know it. I may not know why it happened. Maybe he thought I would be better. I think he went in his life that he wants to do himself, without publicity. He wants to find himself, he is very young,”– said Bledans.