Эвелина Бледанс скрывает развод от сына The artist protects the child from negative. As admitted Evelyn, for small Seven, almost nothing has changed: he spends a lot of time with mom and dad. Besides, the star said that the heir had nothing to do with their separation.

A little over a week ago it became known that Evelina Bledans divorced spouse Alexander Semin. The woman terminated the relationship with the lover about a year ago, but long concealed the events in the family from reporters. Despite the breakup, Evelina and Alexander maintained a friendly relationship. That is why their son Simon had not even realized that parents are no longer together. Evelina Bledans gave a son to the former spouse

“Samochka we have not talked about divorce, especially not prepared him somehow for this. Our child such things – and well. We have been before the divorce: that I work, the dad on tour. The question of visits we talked about. If you have time, then daddy will come to the Sam, or take him for a walk. Also on vacation son can fly with me and separately with the Pope. No problem with that. On the contrary, we always try to do so, if I have a job, then Sasha takes This, if he is on the road – the child in me,” said Evelyn.

Previously, many critics believed that Evelyn and Semin went due to the fact that they have a “special” child. Benjamin was born with “down’s syndrome”. From the first days parents tried to do everything to grow up the same as all other children.

“Samochka had nothing to do with our divorce. I always said that save the marriage does not make sense when lost relationships men and women. We – civilized people, so, not living together, we are the closest friends. In any case, Sasha will always be there if, God forbid, something happens. We prepared for the fact that romance is yet to come, parenting same for life,” said Evelina, dealing with “Source”.

According to Bledans, the boy should not suffer because of the fact that mom and dad could not continue to live together. Semin tired from the increased attention of the public.

“It’s hard for me to talk about us in past tense. The child we have is special, and marriage was special, syndrome. We always stood another man, and his name is “viewer”. The greatest pleasure, utmost delight Evelina received still works”, – told the Director.