Эвелина Бледанс раскрыла правду о личной жизни после развода The presenter clarified the speculation of the public. In early December, Evelina Bledans was published together with the Director of one of Moscow’s contemporary art galleries that sparked rumors about the new novel star.

2017-th year was a significant period for Evelina Bledans. The star announced the breakup with her husband Alexander Semin. The presenter told us about the divorce in the “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Despite the fact that the couple separated, they maintained a good relationship and continue to participate in the education of the son Seeds.

Some time ago, Evelyn saw at one of the events in the company of Sergei Delcheva, head of the Moscow gallery “Mars”. Journalists tried from the TV presenter the details of their relationship, but she declined to comment. Bledans recently gave an interview in which he shed light on personal life. According to star, her heart is free.

“Many of the media write about my new relationship, about the fact that I want another baby, but no, no other men in my life, I do not plan to. About the imminent wedding – the same rumors. 2017 brought me a lot of problems, frustrations, but, oddly enough, it ends positively. I’m one of those people who tries to see the positive. And what about another baby… I’m not planning anything. God willing, I’ll be happy,” shared the celebrity.

During the conversation with reporters Bledans also talked about how going through a divorce. The media personality did not hide the fact that she had extremely difficult, but after participating in the program Andrei Malakhov, many openly expressed sympathy for the star. Evelyn was touched by words of support from strangers.

“It was the most difficult period of my life, and I had a long time to recover. But this situation gave me a great impetus to move on. And I got so much human warmth!” – said the leader.

Not long ago, the son of Evelina Bledans had surgery in a clinic. The SEMA Semin, who was born with congenital dislocation of the kneecaps on both legs, in need of medical care. According to Evelyn, she decided to opt for the Filatov hospital. A year later, the Family would have to contact the experts to get rid of another defect.

Speaking about the upcoming New year, Bledans told me that he considered it a family holiday. Star loves to throw lavish feast, preferring to meet the January 1 in a narrow circle of close people. Evelina is going to cook salad Olivier, herring under a fur coat and duck, baked in the oven, the website of the magazine Hello!.