Evelina Bledans divorced

Эвелина Бледанс развелась с мужем The presenter had carefully concealed the disorder in the family. Evelina Bledans decided to touch on important topic in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. The woman openly spoke about how I broke up with third husband Alexander Semin.

TV presenter Evelina Bledans divorced from her husband, producer and Director Alexander Semin. Long time star intentionally not shared details of his personal life, preferring to hide it from prying eyes. The woman created the illusion of a happy family, posting photos together with your ex-spouse and son Simon in social networks.

Fans were delighted with the harmony that prevailed in the relationship of Evelyn and Alexander. No one could not think that Bledans finally broke up with Semin a year ago. After breaking up with Evelyn, the man lost a lot of weight and found a new love. As for the presenter, she first decided to have a Frank conversation on a personal subject in the talk show of channel “Russia 1” “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. The star appeared in the Studio program, to dot the “i” and make an official statement.

In an interview to Andrey Malakhov Evelina Bledans told about the divorce with Alexander Semin, and also about how there was her life after this event. Viewers will see the broadcast transmission dedicated to celebrities, even in this environment.

In recognition Bledans, once she and her husband signed a prenup. Now the former beloved settle arising conflicts concerning jointly acquired property. Semin extremely reluctant to make concessions to the ex-spouse. A man in every way makes it clear that he intends to fight with Evelyn.

In the network appeared the first photos from filming. One of the guests was singer Danko, laid out a joint picture with Evelina Bledans, Andrey Malakhov and Natalia Gulkin in Instagram. After learning about the program, fans began asking him to share the details, but Danko chose to keep them secret until the broadcast transmission.

Evelina Bledans married Alexander Semin in 2010. Marriage to Director and producer became a celebrity in third. After a couple of years after the registration of the relationship, the presenter gave her husband a son Seeds. Doctors diagnosed the child with down syndrome, however, Alexander and Evelina did not refuse him, and put a lot of effort to make the boy grew up the same as all children.