Evelina Bledans defended the sons

Эвелина Бледанс встала на защиту сыновей The TV star stood up for the eldest son of Nicholas, after the social network users actively discuss its appearance. The actress said that will not allow anyone to criticize their children.

      Эвелина Бледанс встала на защиту сыновей

      Evelina Bledans actively leads his microblog. In addition to working moments, it often shows your followers that you have holiday pictures or snapshots with the children. Adesty have two sons – Junior and senior Simon Nicholas. Often in social network you can see the footage Bledans with little Sam, but the other day she posted a picture of them together.

      However, users do not pay attention on reigning in the family idyll, and the beard of Nicholas. Some noted that it spoils the young man. After such statements of his followers Evelina deleted the photo and explained why she did it.

      “Discuss better my colleagues, and my eldest son don’t touch! Thick are they? Thin? Hairy? Bearded? Pyshnotelye? In General, more on the life of praise, not criticize! And you will be rewarded! You often ask why I don’t put photos of our older son, because he does not want to! And my rare breach of his requests lead to such discussions as this morning. I am very proud of them! He’s doing great in many cases! And handsome! And beard. It’s his personal business and his choice! After three years of army do not want to shave, etc., Let them. Let it be his biggest blunder in life, and I will not allow anyone to condemn him for it!”, – wrote Evelina.

      Эвелина Бледанс встала на защиту сыновей

      Recall, Nicholas was born in 1994, when Evelyn was married to businessman Dmitry. Most of the time the young man lives with his father in Israel. Sometimes the star believes that he pays too little time. Nicholas was very upset by the divorce of his parents, long time did not want to communicate with my mom. But in the last year their relationship work. Bledans takes a stab at social events. According to star, he sometimes says that she needs to do, is also the son intercedes for mom on the Internet.

      By the way, the youngest son of Simon is to Evelina’s pride. Despite the fact that the boy was born with down syndrome at the age of three he already learned to read. Bledans is trying to develop a child drives him to a drawing and swimming. Spouse star Alexander Semin believes that semen is developing like other children. Special boy’s parents help other families dealing with the problem of educating these children. According to Bledans, they were able to show by example, that down syndrome is not a death sentence to the baby.

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