Evelina Bledans decided not to get married

Эвелина Бледанс решила больше не выходить замуж The actress admitted that her son was the only outlet. Evelina Bledans shared thoughts that beset her after her divorce from Alexander Semin. Star claims that never result in your house man.
Эвелина Бледанс решила больше не выходить замуж

Evelina Bledans is recognized that it is very hard going through a divorce with the father of her baby son Seven by Alexander Semin.

On the eve of the media personality shared the sad thoughts with the subscribers of his microblog. 48-year-old star is confident that will never attempt to start a family. Evelyn says that just can not bring to your house man. Their emotions the actress shared back to the performance in one of Moscow suburbs cities.

“I left with the play in the suburbs. The path is not close. The Semik laid in no time. And lie with him, and soak. He’s just my outlet, but work. Again the bed to warm up. Understand that it is possible somewhere to party if you want (I’m a bird now freestyle), but to bring home another man I hardly can. At least now I’m absolutely sure that won’t do it ever! And how would the “iron Felix,” I wasn’t really hard. Hard. And as you were going through a divorce? Long? Adjusted for the soul?” asked Evelina Bledans to his fans.

Subscribers will immediately rushed to support the actress. They leave the encouraging comments and I assure you that everything in life will work out. “All that is done is for the best. Check for yourself. Very helpful the installation!”, “As if the existence of a guarantee of happiness, love, peace! Many people live together as neighbors, unable to divorce for various reasons, most of the material. And toil. Therefore, it may be even better. Take care, and enjoy life! She’s beautiful!” “Don’t worry, time will pass and you will realize that everything happened as it should. Divorce is not so bad,” supported the Evelina Bledans her followers.

Recall that Evelina Bledans divorced spouse Alexander Semin, became known in mid-September. Husband Bledans about divorce: “there always stood another man”

The actress has terminated the relationship with the father of her son about a year ago, but long concealed the change of its status from the public. Despite the breakup, Evelina and Alexander maintained a friendly relationship. Until they are told that is no longer together, his son Simeon. For the baby, nothing has changed – he still spends a lot of time with mom and dad.