Эвелину Бледанс осудили за чрезмерно глубокое декольте
The TV star is not shy about Baring artificial Breasts.

Photo: Instagram

Evelina Bledans has often struck the public in provocative outfits. However, dress that the star has chosen for the filming of “Five to one” on channel “Russia”, surprised the fans. Even loyal fans of Evelyn expressed that Shine so deep cleavage on television is too much. And it’s not the age (Bledans recently turned 49 years). Just all agree, that in such clothes it is necessary to appear in the programs category of “18+” and not in the game show, which runs at 10 am in the day.

However, Evelina’s desire to show the world his recent acquisition of a new breast — it is quite clear. And this is not a rumor. Itself Bledans told everyone that he decided on plastic surgery. She admitted she did the chest to fit the status of “sex symbol”. This “title” she received in 20 years, when starred in the comic series “Masks show”.

“I imagine a white shirt, which I will go. And finally a dream come true for Directors, who all his life asked for to wet t-shirt on me. I previously answered: “the Meaning of this t-shirt if I have a bra with pillows?!” Now I will be in a wet t-shirt cut. Seduce all the men! Look at my colleagues and realize that Breasts are made virtually all. I used to think that they have the nature of this beautiful bust. But it turned out that all my friends have done the chest. I’m the last of the Mohicans. First, finally will accept an offer to play for a men’s magazine. I had previously only photographed in a bathing suit, the chest never showed. The time has come! I once said that will star Nude after 50!” — said Evelina.

Curiously, a year before operation Bledans very adamantly argued about augmentation breast. “I have repeatedly said that the anti-silicone — and wear what we have. And two strong guys on breastfeeding for me is much more important than Breasts. Although… Someone might lucky with that, and this!” then said Evelina.