Evelina Bledans can lose hearing because of illness

Эвелина Блёданс может потерять слух из-за болезни
The artist began complications of the virus.

Evelina Bledans

Photo: @Instagram bledans Evelina Bledans

An artist’s life only from the side looks serene. In reality, the share of stars falls many tests. For example, representatives of this profession have no right suddenly to leave the “hospital”, otherwise it will be failure events, concerts, which lead to problems, including financial. Evelina Bledans, like many of her colleagues, was forced to carry the disease “on their feet”. Diseased, the artist continued to work as usual. As a result, she started having a complication. According to Bledans, the situation is critical: it can lose hearing…

“How awful to be sick! Don’t understand how you even move to smile, take pictures, read dictation, to occasionally, to fly for 6 hours in one or other way…. To be completely helpless and at the same time strong! Well, that took the decision today between the plane and the shooting to call the doctor, and could the hearing lose, and forced myself to sleep during the day and drink a lot of fluid, and now the antibiotic that I do in life are not friends. Used the power of persuasion to be treated, but this time did not work!” writes Evelyn in social networks.

By the way, ill Bledans soon after the celebration of the sixth anniversary of the son of Seeds. That day was full of guests, was present and former husband of Evelina Alexander, with whom she tries to maintain friendly relations after divorce. The celebration was also attended by businessman Sergey Demchev with which Evelina some time ago started a novel. The first output pair in the light took place shortly after the New year.