Evelina Bledans became a blonde

Эвелина Бледанс стала блондинкой
Star experimenting with their own style.

Photo: Instagram

Evelina Bledans for many years does not change the hair. It seemed that the artist found his own style and feels it perfectly. But, as often happens after divorce women really want change. Only one example of Olga Buzova! The girl from bright blondes was hot Brunet, changed my hairstyle and in General, the main kind of activity.

Evelina in such extremes is not falling, but experiments on appearance asked. So, for the best shows of the First channel Bledans appeared in white wig and sheer, tight jumpsuit in black. Particularly impressive deep cuts looked new chest Evelina, which she also did after her divorce.

“I thought that it will be able to keep Sasha!” confessed Bledans.

By the way, blonde but with short hair, Evelyn will appear on the stage. In the new play “death room or the clowns from Paraguay”, prepared by the Moscow Private Theatre of Drama and Comedy, Bledans will play a little naive, but very sincere, warm and genuinely loving woman, formerly a circus artist.

“I have always refused to participate in the show “Circus with stars” because I was afraid of such experiments, — admitted “7days.ru” Evelina. — I’m a young mother and have no right to risk yourself, although aerial gymnastics is incredibly beautiful. But in this performance I will be hanging under the dome and to do gymnastic exercises… as for the divorce, which occurred recently in my life, how would it not sound strange, the more pain you in this life receive, the more valuable you are to society as an artist and as a human being who has something to share and a story to tell”.