Эвелина Бледанс извинилась перед Константином Хабенским Last week between the actor and TV personality had a conflict — keira Knightley refused to be photographed with “special” son of Evelina Bledans. However, after a few days the leader has deleted the post, today apologized to the artist.
Эвелина Бледанс извинилась перед Константином Хабенским

The scandal over the appointment of Evelina Bledans and Konstantin Khabensky in “Artek” — 49-year-old TV star has accused 46-year-old actor’s rudeness when he did not want to be photographed with her six year old son Simeon, who doctors since birth was diagnosed with down syndrome.

“I introduced myself and told that a child with down syndrome. Need a photo for his page. I have repeatedly supported the Foundation of Constantine. Probably just me, a fool never refuse anyone in the photos, realizing that she chose a public profession. After this post we probably never will get a photo with your favorite actor, but I had to share it. Personal space — Yes! Photos with the crowd — it’s doubtful! But to deny a “special” child and a colleague to be photographed — no! Sorry, Konstantin, I do not understand” — shared Evelina in his microblog.

However, after the hype, the TV presenter was quick to remove the controversial post, and today is to apologize to the actor.

“Konstantin, I’m sorry about that publication and apologize to you,” – said Evelina.
Эвелина Бледанс извинилась перед Константином Хабенским

It is worth noting that Konstantin Khabensky is really trying to keep distance with fans. In one of his interviews the actor has admitted that he dreams of a simple life like everyone else.

“There’s a part of operation: red carpet, press conference. And there is a private space. Personally, I’m not going to hide, do not want to go in closed institutions, I want to live as we live, so I think that people, the audience, they love me or not, should understand. I’m not a camera for photography, not a monkey. On request to be photographed I have the right to say “no” when somewhere, smoke, chat with friends — I don’t have to settle for something for any query”, — told Konstantin Khabensky.

Despite the desire of the actor to lead a private life, many have condemned him for refusing to be photographed with “special” baby of Evelina Bledans. Critics recalled that he himself Konstantin Khabensky many years manages the Fund, which helps children with cancer, so to please the kid with the disease is part of his good missions.