Эвелина Бледанс о новом романе: «Заглядываюсь на молоденьких, сплю со старыми» The presenter repeatedly attributed novels with powerful men. However, Evelyn admitted that he prefers deputies much younger than himself. But, by coincidence, she has to go to bed with older men.
Эвелина Бледанс о новом романе: «Заглядываюсь на молоденьких, сплю со старыми»

Not so long ago it became known, the heart of Evelina Bledans again not free. It turned out that the star is happy in a relationship with a young lover – a 28-year-old actor, known for the TV series “kadetstvo” and “the Kremlin cadets”, Aristarchus of wines. Together the lovers came to the festival “Scarlet sails Artek”, which took place in the Crimea. Prior to this stellar couple was caught kissing on the red square, where the leading came to support the young chosen one during a football match.

“Evelina and Aristarchus have long been familiar, they are together involved in the play “the Inclement weather or Mating season penguins”. And the plot of the play lovers. On this basis, and moved closer. Age difference they did not care, and common interests. Both easy-going, love to joke around with. Aristarchus communicates with the son of Evelina”little Semochko, loves to spend time with him, play” – the “StarHit” surrounded by couples.

Evelina herself briefly commented on relations with Venison. Leading limited to abstract phrases.

“In my personal life I’ve been good. We with Aristarchus have a great time on the stage, and beyond,” said the actress “StarHit”.

According to the leader, while all the attention she pays to my son, Simon, the boy grows active, the star mom is afraid to hurt yourself. In rare moments of relaxation Evelyn allows herself to stare at the young Cavaliers.

“I look at the young, sleeping with the old. But I am first and foremost concerned with not such issues and the health of her son. Here Semik picked up a large jellyfish, and then touched his eyes, which were red and swollen. The doctor said it will sort itself out, but I’m worried,” admitted Bledans during the holidays.

It should be noted that the personal life of Evelyn in the last year causing a lot of rumors. The actress has split up with her husband Alexander Semin after seven years of relationship – he couldn’t withstand the publicity wife. . Also alone for a long time, he met with photographer Anna Gorbacheva, a gap which was going through a very painful.

It seems, on vacation Evelina pursues the confusion. The scandal ended her meeting and Konstantin Khabensky in “Artek”, the leading actor accused of cruelty when he did not want to be photographed with her six year old son Simeon, who has down syndrome.

“I introduced myself and told that a child with down syndrome. Need a photo for his page. I have repeatedly supported the Foundation of Constantine. Probably just me, a fool never refuse anyone in the photos, realizing that she chose a public profession. After this post we probably never will get a photo with your favorite actor, but I had to share it. Personal space — Yes! Photos with the crowd — it’s doubtful! But to deny a “special” child and a colleague to be photographed — no! Sorry, Konstantin, I do not understand” — shared Evelina in his microblog.

However, after the hype, the TV presenter was quick to remove the controversial post, and then — and even apologized to Khabensky.

“Konstantin, I’m sorry about that publication and apologize to you,” – said Evelina.

After the scandal, the public split into two camps, one supported by the actor, others considered his actions cruel. According to fans of the Seeds, the attention of the idol’s really important to “Sunny” children. Evelina Bledans apologized to Konstantin Khabensky

According to “Express newspaper”, in Crimea gathered many domestic celebrities. Many of them admit that the festival “Scarlet sails “Artek” gave a chance to spend much time with children.