Eve Longoria suspected pregnancy because of the changing shape

Еву Лонгорию заподозрили в беременности из-за изменившейся фигуры
The actress commented on her weight gain.

Eva Longoria

Photo: Instagram.com

A series of new photos of 42-year-old Eva
Longoria made during the holidays of the actress with her husband Jose Baston on
Hawaii fans forced the actress to suspect that she is expecting her first child. And
however, in these pictures earlier very slim Eva looks much more than a fad,
and her stomach — not flat.

Excited fans have already started
to congratulate her on the upcoming addition to the family. But eve rushed them
to disappoint. “Although it has already become a “news of the day” and even my
relatives started calling me to ask, not waiting to see whether I assure
you, I’m not pregnant! Just recently I ate a lot of pancakes and cheese
and drank excellent wine. In these photos I really look fat,
but to be honest, because every person has the right a bit better. And in my
case it is not just that if I eat some carbs, I immediately
started getting fat…” said Longoria. But eve is not going to stay in
imperfect form, and she’s determined to regain her former figure and already started to work in the gym.

The rumors that Longoria is pregnant, all
to believe so easily because she was married to Jose Baston in may last year,
the actress hinted that he is not averse to finally become a mom. Because although Jose is the third husband of eve, she is still there. However, bored
Longoria and so don’t have: she was married to Bastogne, she became the stepmother of three
his children from ex-spouses Jose Natalie Esperon.