Evdokiya Germanova rushed to his adopted son with a knife

Евдокия Германова бросалась на приемного сына с ножом Nicholas frankly told that he had endured in childhood. According to the boy, the mother not only beat him, but also inflicted wounds. Germanova revenge for the fact that he stabbed her pillow.
Евдокия Германова бросалась на приемного сына с ножом

Nikolay Erokhin, adopted son of Eudoxia Germanova, became the hero of the show, Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. The young man came to the Studio talk show to check on the lie detector. He wants to prove that he was sick with schizophrenia and attacked a kid with a knife on his ex-foster mother. But on the contrary, the actress was acting irresponsible in respect to her adopted son.

Abandoned adopted son of Eudoxia Germanova experiences extreme need of money

“I was playing “war games” and accidentally cut it a gift the pillow with the knife plastic. She came home early from work. Then she just sat me and said a stupid sentence: “I’ll show you how much it hurt the pillow.” Poked two or three times with a knife in the leg,” said Nicholas in the Studio.

Also, the young man said that Eudocia, returning from work, for behavior or grades in school, dropping his adopted son with a bunk bed, and then began beating with a belt child. “Locked in the toilet in a fit of anger. I slept on the floor, taking dirty clothes and lay down and fall asleep”, – said Nikolai.

Евдокия Германова бросалась на приемного сына с ножом

“He’s manic attitude to knives, manifested in self-flagellation. Criticize him, criticize when there is nothing to cover him. He started to Bang on the walls and tables,” said a few years ago Germanova in an interview.

Next, the specialist asked Erokhin, rushed if he Evdokia with a knife. The young man replied in the negative, it was true.

The experts confirmed the words of the young man. Also Erokhin told that the beatings have noticed at school when the boy vaccinated. After suspicions of teachers, Evdokia, denying his guilt in beating of son, abandoned him, telling the public and reporters that the foster child suffers from psihicheskih disorders.

Евдокия Германова бросалась на приемного сына с ножом

The former civil husband of the actress Sergey Herman told in the Studio of the talk show that Eudocia had not thought about a foster son after determined the boy to the hospital. Only one day before my birthday If the actress decided to visit him in the orphanage. However, by law, abandoning a child, she had no right to see his adopted son. Then Germanova asked the husband to go to the stake.

“She leaned a head on his shoulder and sobbed about five or ten minutes. “What a fool I am, and why I did it?” – talked about Eudoxia Sergey Herman.
Евдокия Германова бросалась на приемного сына с ножом

The young man said in the Studio “actually”, what will soon become a father, he has a daughter, called Emma. Also Nikolay Erokhin believe: actress Evdokiya Germanova ever want to see again the adopted son and open the door for him.

Евдокия Германова бросалась на приемного сына с ножом“I know that now I from the orphanage over the apartment and I got nothing. I just wanted to talk to her, to understand her. Without superfluous eyes and ears. And, Yes, I think it is a loved one no matter what,” concluded Nicholas.