Ева Польна ушла в монастырь
The singer treats the soul with nature.

Ева Польна ушла в монастырь

Eva Polna

Last weekend Eva Polna went on a journey through
the Holy places. Having been in the St. John the Evangelist monastery, the singer even took a dip in
the Holy source. And after she visited the Museum of Sergei Yesenin in Konstantinovo village.

“Wonderful, just an incredible day yesterday was — shared
impressions Eva. — Bright, good! I happened to visit two incredible
places: the St. John the Evangelist monastery, to plunge into the Holy spring and to walk in
The Museum-reserve of Esenin in Konstantinovo village. Peace and quiet heal the soul.
And the beauty of Russian nature fascinates, asks on canvas! And no high
and pretentious words it is impossible to convey the joy and delight of these fields,
the hills, vanishing into the distance a ribbon of river. Understand what to eat the loved one’s heart
poet, and many other talents of the Russian land”.

By the way, except that Eva is known as a singer, she writes
stunning oil paintings and crayons. Work can be seen Shouting at her
pages in social networks.

Eva Polna

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