Ева Польна пострадала от снежной бури
The singer had to cancel holidays because of bad weather.

Ева Польна пострадала от снежной бури

Eva Polna

Photo: instagram Eva’s Shouting

Eva Polna loves active rest. The other day the singer
went to a ski resort of “Val Thorens” in the French Alps to
skiing. But one day eve had to abandon the extreme, so
as the mountains erupted in a Blizzard. Even to just walk around the resort
the town was dangerous — was such strong wind that swept the place was
it is almost impossible! In proof Eva shared video from the scene of the disaster.

“Today we have a storm here — complaining about eve. — Skate
it was impossible! Decided to walk on its lush head. Even I, a girl
never felt Ellie the fairy tale “the Wizard of oz”. And
occasionally, in the open, almost Toto. The wind with grains
ice was literally lifted off the ground! Here it is — a force of nature! With it will not argue.”

Fortunately, the bad weather only lasted a day, the next
morning singer rejoiced in the bright sun. “Anyone who really miss the sun — I send him threads — shared Eva. Today
wonderful day! Filled to the brim with speed, the sun, the beauty of the mountain
scenery! Mont Blanc, silently beautiful! I just want to grab paint and brush and
to capture this magnificence!”

The next morning eve rejoiced in the sun

Photo: instagram Eva’s Shouting

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