Ева Польна похудела на 10 килограммов

Singer Eva Polna, for almost all his life struggle with excess weight. The artist tries to get closer to the ideals of female beauty, but it turns out she is quite rare.

Until today, entirely consistent with his name, if you remove it from the soft sign, but recently the singer decided in whatever was to get in the red uniform and played sports. And going to the gym for Eva become an integral part of her life. “Round up” overweight full month ago, but the result was not long in coming.

His first success Eva has shared with journalists at the opening of the festival “Heat”, where he appeared in an unrecognizable manner.

Journalists have reported that the Dipole was able to lose ten pounds. To achieve this result, the singer managed through an active lifestyle and regular exercise.

By the way, Eva admitted that the triumph she was going in a hurry.

“Got three hours, made a hundred in the game, collected all the tubes, got in five minutes before the new dress tried on half the night in the Studio, sat down on the nerves in the car,weaved through traffic on the ring road to get to the red carpet. But! Radiate nonchalance,comfort, joy and a deep sense of satisfaction. Artists are like that,” — said the singer.

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