Ева Польна мечтает стать фермером The singer was very attracted unity with nature. Imagination Eva Pol’na cleared so much that she even presented herself in the future village house. The artist hopes that someday implements its plans.

      Ева Польна мечтает стать фермером

      While many stars of Russian show business put up photos from the various European spas, popular singer Eva Polna prefer a different kind of holiday. Instead of Sunny foreign beaches, she chose a quiet farm away from the city. Unity with nature is so inspired the actress that she even thought about how to start their own farm.

      “Horses, goats, poultry, vegetable and field….What krasoten! He sits me still a kind of “landowner kuzjakina”. On lordly estates I don’t threaten, but the dream to build a small Gorodec with a goat and chickens stuck in me firmly. Especially in light of the current situation with the quality of the products”, – wrote in the social network entirely.

      The singer, accustomed to life in the metropolis, was even able to present themselves in the form of rural girls. She was romantically described it would look like in the new environment.

      “Oh, well imagine, as I stand on the porch and gooseberry compote roll, and the goat Apollinarius quietly chews in the garden rhubarb” – such is the picture painted entirely in my imagination.

      Eva truly loved living away from the hustle and bustle of the city. She was unable to hide his delight regarding the beauty of the farm where she was able to visit. Pil admitted that sometimes likes to be alone with nature, enjoy the scenery, the smells of herbs and plants. She also understands that fruits and vegetables grown on their own, much healthier and tastier.

      On the farm, Eva Polna made some discoveries. She liked it so much the Pets, she would like to see in your future country house.

      “Goats are incredibly charmed me! Especially the lop-eared Nubian, with a magic “odorless” odor specific goat’s milk. A foal that is a month old, just saw it for the first time in my life,” wrote enthusiastically the dipole.

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