Eva Mendes showed them to Ryan Gosling eldest daughter Esmeralda

Ева Мендес показала их с Райаном Гослингом старшую дочь Эсмеральду

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling carefully guarded her private life from outside interference. About any important events within this family, the public and fans will learn after the fact. For example, during both pregnancies eve, still remains unclear question, steel, Eva and Ryan are husband and wife or not. To lift the veil of secrets in his personal life recently come from Mendes.

The actress was able to film together with her eldest daughter Esmeralda. Eva, the baby and her nurse calmly walked around the shops in the Californian city of Pasadena, from anybody did not hide, was quite relaxed and in good spirits. These shots were the first where you can examine who are similar first daughter of the couple.

Esmeralda was an amazing symbiosis of both parents. However, the features of the mother at the moment the girl viewed more.

Earlier, Eva had refused to speak on the subject of family and motherhood. Mendes admitted that she’s trying to rebuild their lives and enjoy all the changes that have occurred in her life over the past few years: “My eldest daughter is not two years old, the youngest still a baby. Now my life is a struggle for survival during the night, and trying to enjoy this process and to establish the relationship between the daughters. In any case, this is a very special time.”

By the way, Eva doesn’t know will she return to active work in the near future, because she’s happy just to be home with the kids: “I grew up 20 minutes from Hollywood, but felt there as in a foreign land. And when I saw that the door was ajar, I kicked and flung it open. Now, becoming a mother, I need to see something really special to get in there. Right now I feel really happy to be home with the kids. I feel like I got lucky, and enjoy it.”