Ева Мендес о том, как прошло ее детство, планах в карьере и семье

Ева Мендес о том, как прошло ее детство, планах в карьере и семье

American 45-year-old actress Eva Mendes has become the face of cover gloss HOLA and, of course, gave a big interview to the edition. In the interview she shared a story about strict parents, career plans and the sister who had a huge impact on her life at the moment.

Mendez said that her childhood took place in the 80-90-ies. She and her parents lived in Cuba. And only at the age of 12 years old mom for the first time let the girl go alone to the Mall with my friends and sister. Why Mall? Yes, because he was the closest to their house. She had very strict parents, so the only entertainment girls to adulthood was a walk on the Mall.

Currently Mendes is not only an actress, she creates fashionable collection of clothes, and the woman is looking for inspiration in the style of his mother and two older sisters.

Eva shared some of his memories that as a child she loved to watch as mom and sisters picked up their outfits. She noticed how different they look in beautiful clothes, so now, when creating their collections, she remembers those past days. Also, the celebrity often call mom and consults on this account, she said that work helped her to be a mother is closer in spirit.

After eve gave birth to a daughter, she almost gave up the career of the actress, as it takes a long time. However, she decided to enter into a contract with the fashion house New York & Company, so her creative nature in the moment happiness.

By the way, in a recent interview Eva confessed that working with Hollywood, she didn’t leave forever like some think. In fact, if one day she will offer a very worthwhile film, it with pleasure will take part.


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