Eva Mendes is expecting her second child with Ryan Gosling

Ева Мендес ждет второго ребенка от Райана Гослинга
The actress has managed for a long time to hide their pregnancies.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Photo: Splash News/East news

As it became known, the civil spouse of Ryan Gosling —
Eva Mendes is pregnant again. Moreover, significant
the event, i.e. birth, should take place soon. Allegedly, Eva
is already at least the fifth or even the sixth month of pregnancy. Remains
only wonder how Mendes managed so long to hide their “interesting

However, Ryan and the Gosling have long learned to keep his
personal life in secret. They simply had no choice, as in perfection
to master the skills of conspiracy. The fact that Gosling boasts a huge
army of fans. And, when it became known that Eva is expecting his first child
jealous female fans began to pepper Mendes the messages, which threatened her
physical violence. And once again not to irritate fans of Ryan, Eva
decided to stay in the shadows.

In fact, in order to carry out his intention, not Mendes
I had to make any special sacrifices. After the September 2014 eve
gave birth to her daughter Esmeralda, she took a long pause in her acting
career. By the way, she did not regret the decision. “Before I
the time tormented himself with thoughts — what should I wear, how I look… And now I am constantly
think about your daughter. She is my moral compass!” — said méndez.

Even though Eva and Ryan
not officially married, they have been together for almost five years. Their romance began in
2011 while filming “the Place under pines”. However, their relationship did not initially
were cloudless, a couple of times they nearly broke up. But now they have all
well. In addition, Ryan was an amazing father. He voluntarily changed
little Esmeralda diapers and got up to her at night to give her friend sleep. Incidentally, the “conspirators” Gosling and Mendes diligently
hiding her daughter from the paparazzi, and still hasn’t shown a single photo of Esmeralda.

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