Eva Mendes: “I didn’t want to have kids until I met Ryan.”

Ева Мендес: «Я не хотела заводить детей, пока не встретила Райана»

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling is one of the most secretive couples in Hollywood. Stars with 2011. This spring, Mendez decided to lift the veil of secrecy and told about his love for Ryan in the latest issue of Women’s Health.

“I had not thought about children, and then there was Ryan Gosling. I fell in love with him. And I wanted… no, not children, namely his children. We have an incredible support group. Ryan’s mom, my mom, my husband and sister,” says Eva in the may issue of the journal of women’s health.

From Mendes and Gosling two daughters, two-year and four-year Amanda Esmeralda. Now, almost all the first time donâ Gosling devotes kiddies. “We just out of that phase of trying to just survive. I feel like a human again,” says the actress.

By the way, before Mendez children are not wanted, or rather, are normally referred to the fact that she didn’t have it. But when I met Ryan — he realized that he wanted his children. “And then there was Ryan Gosling. I mean, I’m in love with him. And I wanted… no, not children, namely his children.”

“We have a wonderful support group. Ryan’s mom, my mom, my husband and sister. I have great respect for mothers and single fathers. I grew up in a single parent household; despite the fact that I love my dad, mom raised four children alone,” says the actress.

In 2017, the media reported that the star broke up! In favor of this spoke of a few facts: first, said Ryan mother’s Day not with his beloved woman and children, and in the house his mother Donna; second, Gosling has complained to friends that was tired of the constant jealousy of eve and can no longer continue a relationship with her. The famous actor also lamented the fact that Mendes was locked in the four walls of the house, plunged in the life and does not want to go anywhere. The actress appeared at the ceremony “Oscar” when Ryan first time in my life was nominated for her role in the acclaimed musical “La La land”. Mendez was the company of her husband and the ceremony “Golden globe”.
About close the gap said that for several months now star parents take turns walking with her daughter. The last joint photo was made in January. After that, the paparazzi repeatedly caught Ryan and Eva separately on a walk with the baby. However, once in may the family went to the Park in full force, but even the photographers noticed spanned communication and coldness lovers.
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes met on the set of the film “the place beyond the pines”. However, in September 2011, the actors began to meet.

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