Eva Mendes conceals the pregnancy

Ева Мендес тщательно скрывает беременность Hollywood actress and her husband Ryan Gosling going to become parents for the second time. According to foreign tabloids, the star is now in its second trimester of pregnancy. The rounded tummy, she hides with the help of bulk items or bags.

      Ева Мендес тщательно скрывает беременность

      Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are already raising one child. Esmeralda Amanda Gosling, named after the heroine of the book by Victor Hugo, was born just over a year ago. Parents protect her daughter from greater influence by the public, so not even showed pictures of the baby. And now, the news about the pregnancy of the stars long kept secret. It is still unknown who is born to the couple: a son or daughter. All information about the future heir of Hollywood stars carefully guarded.

      According to one of the American editions, in February, Mendes began to hide their shape under wide clothes. The family of Ryan and Eva spent March with her daughter in California. The star couple a long time ago did not appear at social events. Many journalists predicted that Mendes will decide on a second child, because in a recent interview with the Today Show the actress saying she was going to take a break in the shooting, and switch to family care.

      Ева Мендес тщательно скрывает беременность

      After the birth of Esmeralda in one interview, Hollywood actress honestly told him why she hid the pregnancy.

      “Whether we like it or not, the Emerald would be difficult not to attract attention to his life. I don’t think this is true, but that is the reality. So Ryan and I decided to give it as much privacy, and the first step was that we did not advertise my pregnancy. In addition, it’s very personal. So I didn’t want the press to have followed the growth of my belly, I think it’s a real stress. So I shielded myself from it,” said Eva. Probably, and this time the star is embarrassed of the changes in his body, so he tries not to catch the eye of street photographers.

      Recall that Mendes and Gosling met on the preparations for the shooting of the film “the Place under pines” in 2011. At our first meeting, Ryan was acting inappropriately: smoked and swore. However, the joint work of the actors on the film eventually grew into a romantic relationship. However, as is common among many of today’s Hollywood couples, stars are not going to get married.

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