Ева Лонгория рассказала прессе, готова ли она стать мамой

Hollywood beauty Eva Longoria two weeks after the wedding with Jose Baston again set to work.

Recently Mrs. Baston attended the opening ceremony of film festival Los Angeles Film Festival in Hollywood. At the event, the actress looked great. It seems that even if the publication Longoria chose a tracksuit, that no one would have noticed, because the happiness, which now glows eve, dwarfs everything around it.

Note that the first few weeks of marriage have already had a positive impact on the actress (and this applies only to the joy in the eyes). Longoria changed her hairstyle: shortened the hair and lighten your hair. This fresh summer look helped her to create her permanent hair stylist Ken Paves.

On the festival eve had the attention of the press and she, of course, could not avoid curious journalists side.

So, with the media the star of “Desperate Housewives” has shared details of her wedding, in particular – talked about what a great contribution to the celebration made her friend Victoria Beckham and the groom himself Jose, and also shared plans for the expansion of his family.

Ева Лонгория рассказала прессе, готова ли она стать мамой

“We had so many memorable moments, — enthusiastically tells Eva. – Jose surprised me every half hour throughout the celebration: surprised speakers, artist, video, etc. I could no longer tolerate the pain she felt in her cheeks from constantly smiling.

Longoria admits that in fact her wedding was a small scale event that, nevertheless, social media expounded a blatantly so that she began to think this was the wedding of the year.

“We had invited 80 people and each has published a few pictures from the wedding. In fact, she was very small“, — says Eva.

In organizing wedding, especially in the manufacture of the bridesmaid dresses, the important role played by Victoria Beckham.

Ева Лонгория рассказала прессе, готова ли она стать мамой

Longoria paid tribute to her friend, because despite their star status, she was a real friend, which made everything on the wedding day, the bride was the main person. “She’s amazing, — said Eva Victoria. – I changed dress in the middle of the evening and the Wiki helped me in everything. She had fun at the wedding. It was very fun.”

At the end of the interview Longoria raised the question of whether or not they Jose stepping to the next stage in the creation of a family and to have children. Here’s what the actress said about this: “Look. We’re family already. We already have three children (Baston children from a previous relationship). We will just move on and wait.”

Wait? Perhaps in this way eve has hinted that it is ready to become a mother? earlier, Longoria was more likely to identify themselves child-free.

Eva flies from happiness during the honeymoon

Ева Лонгория рассказала прессе, готова ли она стать мамой


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