Ева Лонгория рассказала о своих «беременных причудах»
Actress who bears a firstborn son, confessed his weakness.

Eva Longoria

Photo: @evalongoria Eva Longoria Instagram

42-year-old Eva Longoria, who will soon give birth to his
the first child from husband Jose of Bastogne, trying to live a healthy lifestyle.
However, she is not always able to cope with the challenges it from time to time desires. Now
time of eve so I want some French fries, which she always keeps nearby
a basket of crispy “shredded”. So when Logoria going to arrange a
a little photo shoot, she prudently put on the table a few potatoes.
However, eve found to their cravings for junk food is a great excuse, she said,
that’s not her, but her child does not want to follow a diet! “My baby wants
potatoes stood a little closer!” — so eve signed a photo for which she posed
on the background of the pool.

In fact, the actress even before pregnancy
admitted that likes to eat. Moreover, she has a weakness for not so
too helpful for keeping slim waist products like cheese and pancakes.
However, ever since she got pregnant, Longoria trying to control myself.
It tends to use less pastry, preferring to eat in
dessert berries and fruits. Besides, eve is trying to lead a more active
a way of life. She walks a lot, performing, in particular, Hiking up steep hills,
that is confirmed by pictures which the actress shared with fans.

Recall: a novel Eva and Jose began in 2013, two
years later they got engaged and in may of 2016 played
a wedding in Mexico city. Back in the fall in Hollywood began to spread persistent
rumors that Longoria is pregnant. However, the fact that she is expecting a child, the actress confirmed in December 2017.