Eva Longoria revealed their beauty secrets

Ева Лонгория раскрыла свои секреты красоты

It turned out, Eva Longoria just loves makeup. At the moment, the actress not just a movie, but is a cosmetics brand L’oréal Paris and even creates his own collection of clothes. Many are surprised, as their 42 the actress looks so young and attractive. Longoria gave an interview to NewBeauty magazine and revealed their beauty secrets. The star was told about the foods that use the every day and never try.

Ева Лонгория раскрыла свои секреты красоты

As she says of Eva, it is not governed by the words “less is more”. The actress just loves makeup and glad it is now in the trend. “Everyone thinks you need to spend a lot of money on cosmetics or going to spas for treatments, but the technology of creating the-counter cosmetic products has become very developed in recent years. Now everyone has access to it.”

Longoria always remains in trend as well as her fans — with the help of the Internet. She spends far too much time watching beauty blogerov on youtube, inspired by new ideas and bows. If you are successful your channel, maybe that’s your makeup-a lesson inspired by the actress. “This is definitely the place to look for inspiration for me. I love makeup bloggers and influential channels, and love to learn new tricks that show users instagram or pinterest,” says the expectant mother. “I very often turn to social networks for inspiration for my bows — I see red lipstick that I like, or purple Smokey who want to try. This is a great place for ideas.”

Ева Лонгория раскрыла свои секреты красоты

But not only for positive ideas Longoria uses social network. Recently, the actress posted on a social network their dissatisfaction with the removal of facial hair using thread. This is a painful process, which is complete hair removal from the face. It is because of pain eve will no longer use this procedure. “I really did not like. Never going to do it. It hurts so much!” shares his experience of the former “Desperate housewife” with readers. “I’m not a fan of hair removal using thread. I was in Dubai and my makeup artist wanted to try the procedure. But more than ever. I’m not a fan.”

This is not the only procedure that Longoria hates. If you don’t like to brush your teeth, the actress understands you like no other. “I hate to brush teeth! I do this twice a day, but sometimes the procedure I was just exasperated.” Perhaps it’s not the procedure itself, but because of the teeth. The star admitted that if it could have something to do with your crooked teeth on the bottom, that definitely fixed it. Faced with this problem most people. In childhood Longoria wore braces, but the effect is not preserved for a long time. After some time, they returned to its former condition.

Much of the routine of the actress makes her angry, but there is a procedure, which she never misses. Protect delicate facial skin from the sun is the most important part of the ritual for Eva. The star is so obsessed with creams from the sun, even put it on the faces of strangers. The feeling that if you look at the handbag beauty, you will always find sunscreen. The actress admits that takes care of the skin friends, sometimes putting the cream on their face.