Ева Лонгория впервые беременна благодаря ЭКО
Became known the sex of the child actress.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria will be the first time mother, this information was confirmed by official
the representative of the actress. The star is expecting a boy who should
to be born in the spring. This will be the first child for the actress and already
the fourth for her husband Jose of Bastogne.

Rumors that I was pregnant went for several months.
They were associated with what is commonly
the slender actress this summer made a remarkable recovery. However, all the questions, not waiting for
whether it is a child, Longoria replied that she just relaxed a bit:
let myself eat too much of your favorite fatty cheese, and
effect on her figure. However, the reporter of the popular publication radaronline.com found out that the increase in
the weight of the actress was not associated with overeating and with hormone treatment in
ahead of the ECO. Eve had to resort to this measure because it was never
pregnant before, and she, meanwhile, has turned 42. Curiously,
before the actress claimed not to eager to have children. “I
feel live life to the fullest!” — said the actress.

As for the spouse of the actress, who believes Longoria
just a perfect father, he had the opportunity earlier to demonstrate their
paternal capacity, educating children from his first marriage — a daughter,Natalia,
which is already 22 years old, and 14-year-old twins Marianna and Jose. Recall: a novel eve
and Jose began in 2013, two years later they got engaged and in may of 2016
the wedding took place in Mexico city.