Eva Longoria of postrhinal after news of the pregnancy

Ева Лонгория постройнела после новостей о беременности

In order to stop people to gossip about her pregnancy, Hollywood actress, star of TV series “Desperate Housewives”, Eva Longoria had to have her figure.

Ева Лонгория постройнела после новостей о беременности
In April, the paparazzi caught the actress on the beach and noticed she is very krulevshizna stomach. had the actress who reluctantly discussing such topics, to officially deny the news about her pregnancy and say. the cause of the changed forms is not a child, but love to be not very useful, but very tasty food.
21 may during the Cannes film festival Eva has already showed the public a transformed figure, but to stop there is not going to. Once in an interview, the actress admitted that she hates sports.
“To tell you the truth, I really don’t like exercise. Every time I pray to my coach couldn’t come,” confessed Eva.

Recently Longoria spotted in Los Angeles, and judging by the pictures taken by the paparazzi, the beauty returned to his gorgeous figure back.