Ева Лонгория в шутку померилась длиной ног с моделью Карли Клосс

As you know, Eva Longoria is one of the most petite Actresses in Hollywood. The growth stars of “Desperate Housewives” is just 157 see, However, confidence from this actress does not lose, but on the contrary easily mocks his small size. So during the greeting happy birthday mannequin Karlie Kloss, Eva could not recall, and their small size.

On his page in Instagram Longoria has published a photo, which is measured by the length of the legs with my friend Carly.

“Congratulations with the birthday of this long-legged Tomboy! And Yes, I’m talking about Karlie Kloss, and, you know, in this picture, you can not understand. We’re practically twins! Wonderful day to you, months and many years”, – has signed a snapshot Longoria.

Fan appreciated the humor of eve and noted that each of the girls in the picture are beautiful.

Recall, Longoria recently said that she is disappointed with life after married.

“I guess it happened because Jose is a long-established couple and live together for three years!” — reflects Eva.

However, despite these is not the most pleasant recognition, Longoria notes, nevertheless, that loves her husband and does not represent my life without him: “He is a real gentleman, very mannered and elegant… And of course a wonderful father (in relation to children who were born to Jose from a previous relationship)”.

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