Ева Лонгория готовится стать мамой

Unlike Jennifer aniston, who almost every week becomes an object for discussion because of their unwillingness to have children, Eva Longoria is not so often discussed by Internet users. Perhaps this is due to relatively young (compared to aniston) age of the actress, maybe its not such a categorical position regarding children.

In may of this year, Mexico hosted the long-awaited Eva Longoria event – she married her beloved Jose Bastogne. As the actress said soon after the marriage, her life with Jose after the official painting not radically changed. “I guess it happened because Jose is a long-established couple and live together for three years!” it was about eve.

Then, Longoria said she loves her husband and does not represent my life without him: “He is a real gentleman, very mannered and elegant… And of course a wonderful father (in relation to children who were born to Jose from a previous relationship)”.

As for plans for the eve on their own offspring, then she thought not to hurry: “I’m too busy. We both Jose and think through the construction of our new home in Hollywood. Besides, we have to travel a lot between Los Angeles and Mexico city where he runs his business is my husband.”

Today it became clear that Eva changed her mind and was happy with the appearance of their Jose the family of a toddler: “We are Jose and enjoy the fact that they are next to each other, and if in the near future, we have a baby, it will be fine. I feel like the happiest person in the world. I’ve never felt such unity in the relationship until, until I met Jose“.

Interestingly, Longoria is going to give birth to itself or to follow the example of many Hollywood stars and use surmame?