Eva Longoria has opened up the home of an unusual Museum

Ева Лонгория открыла дома необычный музей
The actress confessed in his weakness.

Eva Longoria

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Eva Longoria, who this year married a 48-year-old Jose Antonio Baston, the President of medianeira in Latin America, talked about the relationship with her husband.

“Don’t like to talk about Jose, he supersecurity person, not
public. Prefers to keep his personal life completely hidden from
prying eyes. I can say one thing: I am absolutely happy with it! For women it is very important to be able to sort through priorities. I most part a devoted to work, and now her husband and their foster children”.

The actress has immersed himself into the family, and it gives her more opportunities to engage in their hobby. “I think many will be surprised to learn that since childhood, I know how to professionally sew — smiling Eva. — How I made dresses, skirts, blouses, slacks for his nieces and nephews, not to count. And sewing costumes for Halloween is my honorable duty, I’m out of the competition!”

Longoria admitted to an unusual hobby that makes her terrified.

“I staged a home and a Museum, says Longoria. — I love giving stuff away. To give to friends, relatives, not to mention charity. But there is one weakness… I keep memorable outfits or shoes… for Example, vintage dress 30 years, a real work of art. I starred in the film “Battle for freedom”. The dress that I sewed specially for a performance at the famous show “Saturday night live”, I portrayed him as a great actress Lucille ball. And of course, my dear things from my closet Gaby from “Desperate Housewives”! And no matter what most likely many of them I will hardly be fit now, throw away, get rid of them — no, the hand does not rise never. So, terrified, quietly: “How many of them, my God…”

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