Eva Longoria has a date for the wedding

Ева Лонгория назначила дату свадьбы
This information was declassified a friend of the actress.

Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston

Photo: Splash News/East news

Close friend Eva Longoria leaked the secret of the actress.
She told the publication Us Weekly that Eva has finally set a date for their wedding. Longoria,
allegedly, intends to become a married lady this weekend. And, as
the venue of the ceremony, the actress chose the Mexican resort of Acapulco. And
Eve conceived a bold and luxurious ceremony. This information resulted in the
complete confusion, as in his recent television interview, Longoria said
has not even started to plan the wedding.

42-year-old Eva and her boyfriend — businessman Jose Antonio Baston,
‘ve been Dating for two and a half years. And in December last year, during
a romantic vacation in the United Arab Emirates, Jose gave eve a surprise: he
he proposed to her, presenting the stunning beauty of the ring with a huge ruby.
But on a specific date for the impending wedding Longoria until recently not

However, last week when during a talk show on
which asked Eva, her right asked, when she finally give you a day
of their marriage, she replied: “I haven’t even started
planning the ceremony. I’m engaged and want to fully enjoy your
engagement. Besides, and me and Jose all the time so busy…”

However, it is possible that Longoria was being disingenuous and
deliberately introduced all confusing to divert attention from the impending
celebration. And she, meanwhile, is conducting a highly classified training to
wedding. Because the massive invasion of paparazzi can ruin any perfectly
planned and organized the ceremony.

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