Ева Лонгория избавляется от болезненных воспоминаний
The actress wants to forget about her husband’s infidelity.

Ева Лонгория избавляется от болезненных воспоминаний

Eva Longoria

Photo: Legion-media

As you can see, Eva Longoria tired of that
her own body constantly reminds her of extremely painful experiences. After all, to get rid of a whole
a series of tattoos dedicated to her ex-husband Tony Parker, the actress decided to endure serious pain. A series of images
attest all stages of her anguish, the actress posted on a social network — as a warning to those who adorns himself “tattoos” without thinking about that one day
they may want to get rid of them.

“It hurts more than I could imagine.
This torture just goes on and on… you are like all the new wave
pain… And when it finally ends
you declare that this was just the first session!” — described Longoria to their misery
she moved in one of the salons Los Angeles, where the specialists helped her
to get rid of unwanted tattoos.

apparently, have to repeat painful procedure many times.
Indeed, the actress managed to capture on his body a number
images in honor of your at the time beloved wife of Tony. On the neck Longoria
at her request, did “tattoo” a telephone number Parker, one of
wrists — the date of their wedding, and the other with his initials… But after eve
found in the phone Tony love letters
wife and his friend on the basketball team and forced her husband to confess to
treason, these pleasing memorials turned into painful memories.

Currently, the actress is quite happy
with her new husband, Jose Antonio Baston, whom she married in may of this year. But
do yourself a new tattoo — now in his honor, she did not hurry. As
it is evident that Longoria is able to learn from their mistakes.

Eva Longoria

Photo: Snapchat