Ева Лонгория чувствует себя отлично на шестом месяце беременности

42-year-old former desperate housewife Eva Longoria is preparing to become a mother, and unlike some other women feel great. About the preparation for the birth of a baby, the actress told in an interview to People magazine.

Ева Лонгория чувствует себя отлично на шестом месяце беременности

“For me now is the Golden time, when I am full of energy and difficult period of the first trimester behind us,” — said the actress.

Longoria, who is now six months pregnant, become a mother for the first time. Despite the fact that her 49-year-old wife of Jose Antonio Baston has three children from a previous marriage, Eva admits that has a large experience with children. “I don’t know anything about motherhood, although I have a lot of nieces and female friends who have children. So I read a lot of different literature on the subject,” she says.

The actress, who continues to regularly go out and wear dresses and shoes, admitted that now the main factor when choosing clothes for her was a comfort. “I bought leggings for pregnant women, because it is convenient. His old clothes I can no longer wear,” says the star, and admits that already can not wait, how will be able to wear your favorite jeans that were before the pregnancy.

For many was a surprise that the actress is pregnant, because she never openly declared desire to have a child. Journalists of foreign news portal People believe that one of the posts on instagram, the actress did hint about your future baby. Instagram post Longoria left a lot of questions. “He makes me blush,” wrote the actress under the photo on the cover of a magazine OWN. Many members and fans of the stars have decided that it’s just a reference to the photographer Diego Uchitel, who was involved in the photo shoot for the new issue of the magazine, or to the husband of the actress. But others decided to drop deeper and suggested that Longoria was referring to her baby.

The novel Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston began the 2013 year, and two years later the couple decided to tie the knot. The engagement took place in Dubai in December, and the wedding is in may 2016 in the hot Mexico. A classic wedding with fireworks was held in Valle de Bravo, 88 miles from Mexico city. In the summer of 2015 Longoria told People your thoughts about the child. “I just turned 40, and I thought, “Time?”” said Longoria. “I need to think about children, but I think that my life is so full.” It turns out, not so full as could be with children.

This will be the first child Longoria who will have older siblings from a previous marriage of her husband. Until that time, eve was sure that I’ll manage raising three children, her husband, but still wanted her. “They’re a gift in my life,” said Longoria about the children of Bastogne in 2015 year.