Ева Лонгория пожаловалась на трудности беременности
The actress wants to raise a future son of “feminist”.

Eva Longoria


During his recent interview on the show Jimmy
Kimmel away 43-letniaia Longoria admitted that was very tired from her pregnancy.
The actress said that she found it difficult to adapt to its “new body.” “I
everyone is now uncomfortable. I never thought that during pregnancy it becomes no longer
only the belly — with this I just, resigned. But it turned out that increasing
all: my thighs were just huge. And his chest is so big that I
it into something a little “bump”. In short, I’m not “fit”, and it’s awful
uncomfortable!” — admitted the actress.

In addition, Eva said, the beginning of the pregnancy was very difficult. It so happened that at that time she was forced,
according to the pre-signed her contract to continue work on the film,
and as a Director. “When I found out that was pregnant, I was shooting the Comedy “The Mick”. It was not my first
directorial experience. But all was not as usual. I feel
terribly tired. Not to mention the fact that I was sick. But since I
didn’t tell anyone about your situation, everyone thought I was just being lazy. I was
terribly ashamed, but to help it I could not”, — said Longoria.

That actress was able
getting pregnant the first time, it became known in December last year. Father
the baby will be her husband Jose Baston, with whom she got engaged in
2015, a wedding took place in may 2016 in Mexico city. Eve she announced that she was pregnant. said that is already in the fourth month, waiting for her son. The actress decided early on to raise a boy “in the spirit
of feminism”. “I will teach him to appreciate and
to respect women and help them in their struggle for their rights!” said Longoria.