Eva Longoria commented on the rumors about her pregnancy

Ева Лонгория прокомментировала слухи о своей беременности
The actress openly spoke about her relationship with her husband.

Eva Longoria


In his interview, which recently gave Eva Longoria, the actress strongly
denied the rumors that she is expecting a baby. That the family of the actress
it is expected the addition, spoke this summer after the paparazzi
managed to photograph a little rounded eve on holiday in Spain. Since
then, Longoria is constantly plagued with questions about her alleged “interesting situation”. “All
make me compliments and congratulations with the pregnancy, but I’m not expecting a baby!
I look so good simply because in love and happy!” said 41-year-old
actress. “We do not think about the new addition to the family, because we
married for only four months!” said Eva, who this spring became the legal
wife, 47-year-old Mexican businessman Jose Baston. This information was
famous thanks to the Internet-website of the Daily Mail.

“Waking up every morning next to him is just wonderful. Because the first thought,
which comes to my mind: “I am the luckiest woman in the world!” — admitted the actress. The marriage of Bastogne was
the third marriage of Longoria. Prior to that, she was the first wife of Kim
Tyler Christopher (2002-2004) and then to basketball player Tony Parker (C
2002 to 2011). Moreover, the divorce from Parker was marked by scandal, as
Eva had caught her second husband of adultery with the wife of friend Tony on the team.

So with Jose she first met when she was already 38 years old.
“I know it’s fate so ordered that we met when both have become
Mature people and were able to fully appreciate each other. However, a little pity,
what we are unlikely to hold together for more than 50 years…,” he told Longoria.