Ева Лонгория призналась, что боится приближающихся  родов
The pregnant actress received a star on the walk of Fame.

Ева Лонгория призналась, что боится приближающихся  родов

Eva Longoria with her husband Jose Baston


Eva Longoria, who is expecting her first child at 43 years old, admitted: the closer
date of birth, the more strained her nerves. “I’m terribly excited and nervous!” —
said the actress in a recent interview. She had already decided
clinic, where you have to be born her child. Interestingly, Longoria is not going to allow any of their relatives or beloved
spouse Jose Bastogne in the maternity ward. “He’s coming with me to the clinic, but
childbirth will not be present!” said firmly Longoria.

Recently eve has complained that now very tired
pregnancy: the actress is difficult to adapt to its “new
the body.” “I’m all uncomfortable now. I’d never thought of that during
pregnancy becomes no longer only the belly — with this I just, resigned.
But it turned out that increases everything: my thighs were just huge. And chest
so big that I keep it in something “bump”. In short, I’m not
“fit”, and it’s terribly uncomfortable!” — admitted the actress.

Despite all the difficulties, the greater part of his
pregnancy, Longoria continued to work. It so happened that according to the signed contract, did eve have
to continue previously initiated work on the film —
as a Director. “When I found out that was pregnant, I was shooting a Comedy
“The Mick”. It was not my first directing experience. But everything went wrong,
as usual. I felt awful tired. Not to mention the fact that
I was really nauseous. But since I didn’t tell anyone about their situation, all
thought I was just being lazy. I was embarrassed but now with this I
could not”, — said Longoria.

But on the days in the life of eve has been a very pleasant event:
on the Hollywood of Fame opened it’s personal “star”. “Today has come true
my dream. To “star” on the walk
Glory — I am so honored that I
even difficult to believe. After I joined, so for all
the legendary figures of Hollywood!” wrote Longoria on his page
the social Network.

Eva Longoria