Eva Longoria admitted that he envies the family of Beckham

Ева Лонгория призналась, что завидует семье Бекхэмов
The actress wants the popularity of the 17-year-old son of Victoria.

Ева Лонгория призналась, что завидует семье Бекхэмов

Eva Longoria

Photo: Instagram.com

Ева Лонгория призналась, что завидует семье Бекхэмов

Eva Longoria and Brooklyn Beckham

Photo: Instagram.com

To predict, whether to turn out
for children born in star families, to emerge from the shadows of their famous parents
it is usually almost impossible. But this rule definitely does not apply to family
Of Beckham. We can already see how the popularity of children, the David and Victoria
gaining its momentum day by day. And they have been there their souls
the first of which jokingly became the best girlfriend ex-peppercorns — Eva Longoria.

The other day the Beckhams together with
the Hollywood actress was vacationing in one of the trendy restaurants. And while Victoria
her husband, contrary to all the gossip about the divorce, enjoyed each other’s company,
Eve turned out to be a great opportunity to talk with the eldest son a pair Brooklyn. And here, during a joint interview with Longoria offspring of Beckham, the actress suddenly
found a very unpleasant fact. Eva found out that Brooklyn in the microblog in 3 times
more subscribers than she has. But we are talking about the difference in 4 million
man! She even published a short “angry” movie, where the joke was outraged that a 17-year-old Beckham’s son managed to become so popular.

However, other children
Victoria are not far behind from his older brother. For example, recently
the ex-spice has published a touching video with his other son
Cruz. On the recording, posted on his microblog wife of David, the boy prekrasno performed
a lyrical song than won the hearts of millions of teenage girls around
the world. And the daughter of the Beckhams — 4-year-old Harper some time ago, was recognized as this
a style icon. In the network there is even a fashion blog devoted exclusively to Harper. So,
what most likely Eva Longoria will have another opportunity to be surprised
the popularity of children, the David and Victoria.

the family of Beckham

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