Евровидение 2020: Почему Венгрия отказалась от участия за полгода до конкурса

Евровидение 2020: Почему Венгрия отказалась от участия за полгода до конкурса

The international song contest Eurovision 2020 will be held in the Netherlands, as this country has won in the last contest. The list of participating countries has already been formed, despite the fact that until the contest is left for another six months. However, one state has decided to withdraw from Eurovision, and it became Hungary. Why did this happen, read on.

The representatives of Hungary decided not to officially announce the reason for their refusal to participate in the contest. However, the insider information it contains is quite adequate and logical reason. Hungary refused Eurovision 2020 due to “excessive homosexuality” in previous contests.

The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said at the meeting that the government is important to support all the capabilities of the national pop musicians, and the products that they produce, than to spend money for the international contest. The same thing he says in the moment reporters.

The official also launched in the country marathon called “Family first”. Thus, he wants to ensure that the residents of the state have paid much attention to traditions and values. Viktor Orban is confident that this marathon will help improve the demographic situation in the country. On the eve of the Prime Minister of Hungary made an outrageous statement, urging the public to ban homosexual families to adopt children, in his opinion, these actions can be attributed to the subspecies of pedophilia.

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