“Eurovision-2019”: all ready for the first semi-final

«Евровидение-2019»: всё готово к первому полуфиналу
Today in tel Aviv starts the most popular music contest “Eurovision”.

«Евровидение-2019»: всё готово к первому полуфиналу

Song contest held annually since 1956. According to tradition, at the “Eurovision” will be the three key day – today will be the first semi-final on Thursday – the second (it will be the Russian participant Sergey Lazarev), and then Saturday will be the Grand finale. The highlight of the show this year will be the performance of the singer Madonna – she has already arrived in tel Aviv. The star will perform two songs, and to guard it during their stay in the city there are nearly 140 people.

«Евровидение-2019»: всё готово к первому полуфиналу

Today live, which will start at 22:00 on TV channel “Russia-1”, their song will represent artists from Portugal, Greece, San Marino, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belarus, Serbia, Belgium, Iceland, Estonia, Montenegro, Finland, Poland, Georgia and Australia. For the final through the ballot box will be selected 10 participants. Russian viewers today to vote can’t, because Russia takes part in the second semifinal. But today we can meet with the first competitors of Sergey Lazarev in the final – the Russian singer is one of the favorites of the competition.

The Winner Of “Eurovision-2018” Netta Barzilai (Israel)

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