“Eurovision-2017” unable to move to another country

«Евровидение-2017» могут перенести в другую страну

Ukraine could lose the right to host the contest.

Even in the summer there were rumors that the owners of the brand “Eurovision” dissatisfied with the behavior of the victorious countries of Ukraine, which can not decide where will be the competition. Then the European broadcasting Union (EBU) put pressure on local broadcasters, and they finally decided that the best place for such an event is international exhibition center in Kiev. It would seem that all issues have been resolved, but the country has started to lag on the timing, and the EBU threatened her with deprivation of the right to host the contest!

As it became known, the Ukrainian organizers were still not able to catch up and at least a month behind in terms of preparation. And for such a large event as the Eurovision song contest a month late is quite a lot, because the competition will attract hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, not only musicians, but also guests. All need somewhere to place, not to mention the fact that the platform for performances should be organised for the upper class to artists from all countries were able to demonstrate numbers of any complexity. So the concern of the EMU is quite clear.

“In early October, the European broadcasting Union as the owner of the brand “Junior Eurovision” showed “red card” National television and radio company (NTRC) of Ukraine due to the actual disruption of the preparation for the competition,” – said the representative of the management of the company, reports gazeta.ru.

The final decision about whether the competition be held in Kiev, will be attended at the meeting of the European broadcasting Union on 8 December. And if the receiving party will get trapped, that’s right, the contest may well pass Russia, which, in 2016, took third place. Why not Australia, won the competition for the silver? Alas, this beautiful country is eliminated due to geographical location.

In fact their Ukrainian colleagues with only a little more than two weeks to turn the situation in their favor, but otherwise…