“Eurovision 2016”: who voted for us in the final

«Евровидениe–2016»: кто голосовал за нас в финале

Remember which countries helped Sergey Lazarev to take third place.

Today, may 14, in Stockholm hosted the final of the international music contest “Eurovision 2016”. Our country was represented by Sergey Lazarev. He was confident the semi-finals of the competition, his song “You Agay the Оnly OPE” fell to second place world rankings iTunes and a few days before the final he received a media award as the brightest participant.

Sergey was expected to win almost all music critics and bloggers. But he took third place, losing to competitors from Australia and Ukraine.

The results of the vote, of course, impressed everyone. The bookmakers put our country in the first place! The second line, in their opinion, also had to take Australia, and the third – Ukraine.

That Lazarev could not be a winner, it became clear after the vote of the jury members from different countries. We were either ignored or set high scores.

Highest score 12 points we were given by the representatives of Azerbajan, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

8 points we got from the Netherlands, Montenegro, 7 from Moldova, Latvia, Albania, 6 from Sweden, Croatia, 2 from Armenia, 3 from Austria, 1 point from Serbia.

In the end, rezultatam jury voting Russia was fifth. The top three were Australia, Ukraine and France, fourth place went to Malta.

And only the public vote has raised our country to third place.

“We did everything we could. Congratulations To Ukraine!” – said with a smile Sergey Lazarev after the announcement of the voting results.

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