“Eurovision 2016”: the singer sang in “naked” outfit

«Евровидение-2016»: певица спела в «голом» наряде

The semi-final of “Eurovision 2016” has not done without surprises. The participant representing in the competition Azerbaijan, came on stage in a revealing jumpsuit.

Room Sergey Lazarev became the most spectacular in the history of the Eurovision song contest. But the most candid, at least this year, may well be the performance of the singer from Azerbaijan’s Camry. The girl came on stage in Ericsson Globe Arena outfit worthy of a Jennifer Lopez!

Seductive brunette named Samra Rahimli this year presented at “Eurovision 2016” Azerbaijan. On stage she appeared in a luxurious slinky jumpsuit Nude-Golden hue. It seems that the “bare” fashion has come to the main song contest of Europe. Translucent outfit was embellished with sparkling sequins and looked not only gorgeous, but also very sexy. The outfit emphasized appetizing forms of the Azerbaijan stars. The girl complements the image of a pair of sandals with heels.

Meanwhile, around the “Eurovision 2016” traditionally ignite serious scandals. So, one of the jury members from Russia, Anastasia Stotskaya, broke the rules of the contest, for which he was excluded from the jury. Fortunately, in the speech of Sergey Lazarev this incident is not affected.

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