Eurovision 2016: Belarusian fought off the wolf at the rehearsal

Евровидение-2016: белорус отбивался от волка на репетиции

Belarusian by IVAN, whose room promises to be the most scandalous in “Eurovision-2016”, told Woman’s Day, how he managed to tame the most dangerous predator.

Preparation for competition “Eurovision 2016” is in full swing, the team of producer Victor Drobysh. Recall that his team this year was the Belarus singer Alexander Ivanov, acting under the name IVAN. For a young artist Drobysh came up with a number that will be the most provocative in the history of the competition.

Ivanov will appear before the audience completely naked, besides, with him on stage will be a live wolf named Shakira.

And although the rehearsals are always accompanied by animal trainer, is not without its stings. The first teeth affected by dangerous predator, of course, was Alexander Ivanov, who has yet to make a wolf on stage in front of thousands of spectators. It is hoped that the spectators in the first rows will remain intact, as does the artist. By the way, bitten the singer really does not share our concerns and feel quite confident.

What is it like to be on stage next to a live wolf?

Евровидение-2016: белорус отбивался от волка на репетиции

When I first went on stage to mate, it was scary. The wolf is one of the most dangerous animals that do not like to obey, to execute commands. It requires a special approach, it is necessary to ingratiate himself with the beast, make friends with him, to give the opportunity to get used to my smell. But even if you are with the beast, this does not guarantee safety.

Recently you have been bitten by a wolf, it was very painful?

Евровидение-2016: белорус отбивался от волка на репетиции

Yes, it is. At a recent rehearsal she-wolf named Shakira a little bit of my hand. It was a little scary, but I tried not to panic and not to make any sudden movements. The beast, the more savage, too, can understand around a lot of strangers, loud music. When a wolf is scared, he puts his tail and immediately see his excitement, so he can be a bit aggressive, if you start to iron it at this point. So I did, reached out to Shakira hand, and she demonstrated her mood.
And with dogs you get along well?

Евровидение-2016: белорус отбивался от волка на репетиции

I do love animals and dogs including, but, of course, easier to establish than with the wolf. There are also some techniques: first, show a closed hand, then open, but this trick with the wolves will not work. The wolf needs more time to accept the person and start to trust him.

On “the Eurovision” the trainer will not be next to the she-wolf, the entire responsibility for the room and the people will be completely on you. Not panicking because of that?

Евровидение-2016: белорус отбивался от волка на репетиции

Indeed, the trainer will be behind the scenes with Shakira will have to cope. I am confident that we will succeed. In rehearsals everything just, the she-wolf already knows all, all are accustomed and quite comfortable next to me.

If the room will ban you and Victor Drobysh probably have a backup plan?

Actually plan “B” we do not, we hope that we will perform in the way we meant it to be. Don’t even want to think that in the worst case scenario all you have to overact. In my opinion, the idea is brilliant and carries a deep meaning that can be interpreted in different ways, but the main is the unity of man with nature.

Recall that one of the rules of the contest States that to the stage you can not go with animals, especially with wild. Now Victor Drobysh and his team are actively negotiating to have the show took place.

“Indeed, there is a rule of the contest “Eurovision”, which prohibits to go on stage with live animals. However, we do our best to have the room approved. Next to the wolf, which we took, will always be the trainer. So the people on the front row will remain safe and sound. Nothing to worry about. Sasha generally have to face with the beast nose-to-nose – and nothing, he copes with its task. All parts of his body in place,” said Drobysh the interview with the reporter Woman’s Day.

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