Европейские спортивные чиновники выступили против Загитовой и Трусовой In the Netherlands, unhappy with the success of young skaters. In the Congress of the International skating Union introduced a proposal to raise the age limit. Sagitova and Trusov want to leave in juniorcac that they ceased to be the rivals of the athletes are older.
Европейские спортивные чиновники выступили против Загитовой и Трусовой

After the triumph Alina Sagitova at the Olympic Games from foreign committees have any questions. In the opinion of the Netherlands, the younger athletes will not be able to go to the competition 2020/2021 year. The recommendation to raise the age from 15 to 17 years came after winning the Alina Sagitova in Korea. They say that it is because younger girls are easier to perform jumps.

Dutch referee Prins Jeroen has published in his Twitter statement, which contains this information. Many experts noted that such innovation is very fair. The issue will be considered in early June. This decision will help the skaters to stay longer in the big sports.

“Immature girls are much easier to turn the multi-turn jumps. Junior skating should remain Junior. When you’re small, you better be doing quads and triple [jumps], and everything else. It is unfair to athletes that have already formed. Everyone should be equal. There is the concept of “girls jumping” which caught a good technique due to the fact that they thin, slender, they’re running these crazy quadruple and triple jumps, and when there is a formation of the body, it all disappears,” – says coach Alexander Zhulin.

A Russian figure skater, Alina Sagitova, Alexander Trusova, Evgeny Medvedev and Yulia Lipnitskaya, was much younger than her rivals from other countries. That is why they were able to achieve higher results in competitions. By the way, Lipnitskaya could not stand before struck her fame and ended his athletic career. A particular challenge is likely to be set and for trainers: they will have to lead the athlete to 25 years.

“Fans want to watch their idol one year, and at least a few Olympic cycles. As practice shows, we see that after the baby at 15 wins in their competition, then he can not cope with any psychological problems or age-related changes. That is why I support [the proposal] because I’m from a fan of the sport want to see Mature men and women skating. Want to see real wrestling, and not, as you know, one time won and we lost an athlete. I want to keep track of your favorites and favorites for at least eight years”, – said Irina Rodnina in conversation with bfm.ru.